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“The Hypothyroidism Diet”

Discover How To Lose Weight And Beat Fatigue Quick

Hypothyroidism Diet, Author Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski  This was the day that changed everything for my wife and I…

 We just arrived at my brother’s home for a celebration when his 10-year-old stepson entered the  room to greet us.

 My wife took off her coat and then ‘it’ was said.

 My nephew looked at my beautiful  wife and said…“Hi aunty Amy, are you pregnant?”

We were all mortified and embarrassed, especially my wife, because she was not pregnant. My sister-in-law tried to correct her son and apologize, but the damage was already done.

I never knew words could hurt so bad… My heart dropped, and I knew my wife just wanted to go hide somewhere and cry.

All she wanted was for people to understand that hypothyroidism was to blame for the way she looked.

Do you feel the same way?

The Real Reason Why You’re Weight Won’t Budge

Do you find it almost impossible to lose weight no matter what you do or how hard you try?

When Amy wanted to lose weight she would just eat like a bird and cut calories, but little did she know she was actually destroying her metabolism. hypothyroid weight loss

The real reason why you and my wife have struggled with your weight is because you’ve been lied to.

Amy eventually learned how to optimize her metabolism and start burning fat, instead of storing it – which is hard to do if you have hypothyroidism, but not impossible.

If you’ve tried other diets yet ultimately failed, this information will show you why other diets don’t work for hypothyroidism.

And… If you want to shed that stubborn, stored, fat and feel sexy and vibrant again, I’m here to tell you that medication alone will NOT fix your thyroid problem, and I’ll prove it…

Why Eating Less And Exercising More Doesn’t Work

Do you wonder why your weight won’t budge not matter how little you eat or how much you exercise?

Most diets will fool you.

Here’s what happens when you go on a diet… Initially, you lose a couple of pounds, but then, no more weight loss.


According to American Journal of Physiology, Endocrinology, and Metabolism, dieting lowers thyroid hormone by up to 50%.

hypothyroidism diet Lowering thyroid hormone through traditional dieting will sabotage your weight loss and your ability fight fatigue, depression, constipation, body aches, bloating, hair loss, and brain fog because… Low calorie diets equal low thyroid hormone!

Eventually you go off your diet and go back to your old way of eating, but now your metabolism is lower.

So what happens?

You guessed it… You gain the weight back, plus a couple of pounds more.

The result of your diet is a lower metabolism. Your hypothyroidism in reality is HYPOMETABOLISM or low metabolism, or super-low if you’ve damaged your metabolism through dieting.

Until you learn how to optimize your metabolism, you’ll continue to struggle with losing weight. I’ll show you exactly how to jumpstart your metabolism…

Why Your Medication Isn’t Working

Have you wonder why you still don’t feel like yourself and can’t lose weight even though you’re taking medication?

Here’s what’s going on…hypothyroidism treatment

Most thyroid medications don’t work because they’re not natural and referred to as T4-only medication.

According to the Journal of Endocrinology your body can’t use T4 medications, it must be turned into T3 for it to be effective.

T3 is the gasoline for your body and T4 is like diesel fuel, you’re body can’t use it.

So, your doctor is relying on your body to turn T4 into T3, yet in most cases this doesn’t work.

But here’s what does work…

The 3 Fastest Ways To Lose Weight With Hypothyroidism